Lauren & Sean | Gramercy Park Hotel

I have not laughed so hard at a wedding, ever. Lauren and Sean are hilarious to be around!  Lauren is snarky (I mean look at her getting ready shirt!) but oh so sweet and Sean is such a ham and has a comeback ready at anytime! Their energy is contagious! I arrived the night before […]

Jessica & Sean | Maritime Parc

“We’re used to being the maestro’s so you’re going to need to tell us what to do,” said Jess while getting ready with her bridesmaids and thinking about the day ahead. Jessica and Sean were truly selfless on a day that many would consider to be just for them. Every decision was held up to the […]

Christine & Rich’s Engagement | Central Park

Central Park is a pretty popular spot for engagement photos, but not too many couples opt rent boats from the Loeb Boathouse out onto The Lake for part of their session! Christine and Rich were up for the adventure even though Rich had never captained (read: rowed) a boat before! Turns out he’s a natural! […]

Jessica & Sean | NYC Highline Engagement

Engaged couple sitting on the NYC highline kissing in the sunlight.

Jess is the younger sister of very first person to ever contact me to photograph their wedding. Before I even started a business, her sister Kathleen who lived just down the street from my parents’ house called me up and asked me to photograph her wedding! She was pivotal in deciding photographing is what I am passionate and […]

Jennifer & Cameron | Liberty House Restaurant

“We can’t wait! Your latest photo gave us warm fuzzies. Such a sweet capture!” – Jennifer after seeing the sneak peek of Cam and her snuggling at their sweetheart table. Jennifer and Cameron made my job way to easy. Surrounded by a hundred of their closed friends and family the entire day, they managed to […]

Kristin & Mark | Maple Wood Country Club

“Really from the very first email, I got great vibes from you & before I even told my family that I felt we clicked with you the best of all the photographers, they picked your work as their favorite! So it was just meant to be :-)” Photography was extremely important to Kristin and Mark, […]

Karen & John's Engagement | Central Park & The Boat Basin

Karen and John’s engagement session was in the beginning of last December so this post a little while coming! I had an awesome time with the two of them- Karen looked great especially with the awesome red hat she rocked, and I love that John was so enamored with Karen and that he kept snuggling […]