Zandra & Tom | Moshulu

Weddings are weird because they put you in front of everyone! They can be both fun and terrifying at the same time because it’s easy to get so wrapped up in expectations that you forget what the whole point of the wedding is about: joy.

When Zandra, Tom and I first got together on Zoom at the end of 2021, they spoke about their engagement. They got engaged and went right to the bar where a bunch of the people closest to them were waiting. “It was so fun but what really felt right was when after the party at the bar we went home and it was just us. You’re expected to be a certain way and it can be a lot. But when we were sitting just us, it really felt right.”

Zandra and Tom seemed to have something figured out! From getting ready at the Hotel Monaco to their wedding ceremony and reception Moshulu they were soaking it all in and so thrilled to be around their family and friends. If their wedding was anything like their engagement, I can only imagine that leaving the wedding and the time since has only continued to be better and better.

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