Alana & James | Tendenza

“Whenever he looks at me, I see the sparkle in his eyes and I think I’ll see it when he’s walking down the aisle to me,” Alana told me early on in their planning process. “He’s so caring and takes care of me.”
If you want to see couple who is made for each other and cant stand being apart, look no further. After Jimmy saw Alana coming down the aisle to him as Old St. Mary’s Church in Philadelphia, they were inseparable. Through portraits. Side by side. Cocktail Hour. Side by side. At Tendenza during their introductions, first dance, toasts, speeches. Still side by side. On the dance floor. Side by side! Even when a mummer’s band tore up the reception and everyone crowded the dance floor pumping their tiny umbrellas and singing at the top of their lungs? There was no other dance partner for either of them.
I’ve gotten to know Alana & Jimmy well over the last year plus. Their energy, excitement, and joy are magnetic. They’re the kind of people I LOVE being around.
Alana & Jimmy – it’s been a true joy to get to know you two over the last year. Countless emails, laughs over dinner, spending the evening with you in Ocean City for your Forever Session, and so much more. Thank you for inviting me so warmly into your lives and allowing me to share your day and preserve it for you!

Thanks for looking!