Jessica & Sean | NYC Highline Engagement

Engaged bride-to-be smiling as groom to be kisses her on the cheek with NYC skyline in background.
Jess is the younger sister of very first person to ever contact me to photograph their wedding. Before I even started a business, her sister Kathleen who lived just down the street from my parents’ house called me up and asked me to photograph her wedding! She was pivotal in deciding photographing is what I am passionate and want to do for a living.  Fast forward 5 years and I heard whisperings from Kathleen and Jess’s mom, who I still see when I visit my parents, that Jess was going to be engaged soon and they’d be contacting me. To see this come full circle and be trusted years later within their family warms my heart!
Jess & Sean live in NYC and eat up the busy lifestyle every chance they get! They are well rounded foodies (you can imagine how starstruck she must have been when she recently bumped into Anthony Bourdain), love the local wine bars and running on the Highline. Dressed to the nines, they took me on a mini-tour of the Highline and their neighborhood including a favorite wine bar and sushi restaurant!
It’s sure to be an incredible time this April when they tie the knot at the Martime Parc in Jersey City!
NYC couple silhouetted standing near the harbor during the engagement session by the Highline.
Engaged couple walking the street of NYC by the Highline.
Groom to be kissing his bride to be on the cheek in the sunlight!
Bride-to-be laughing and hugging her groom-to-be during their engagement session in NYC.
Bride-to-be kissing her groom-to-be on the cheek during their NYC engagement session.
Groom-to-be kisses his bride-to-be on her shoulder in an NYC wine bar.
Engaged couple laughing while sipping wine in an
Engaged couple sitting on the NYC highline kissing in the sunlight.
Bride-to-be twirling her hair while snuggling  her Groom-to-be on the NYC highline.
Engaged couple hugging surround by people on the NYC Highline.
Sunset silhouette of an engaged couple on the NYC Highline.