The all-digital photobooth that sends photos, GIFs, and boomerangs immediately to your guests!

The Social Booth by Daniel Moyer Photography at the Phoenixville Foundry 

Let's be honest. Those photo strips, while a sweet and genuine thought, often get crammed into the world tiniest clutch or worse, abandoned in the abyss of the rental suit jacket pocket never to be seen again.

Enter the Social Booth. Simple yet customizable, stylish, and capable of generating massive amounts of instant fun!




How does it work?

The whole experience is entirely automated! After I set it up
  • Your guests are attracted to the captivating light display (which happen to match your wedding colors.)
  • They tap the screen and choose photo, GIF or Boomerang!
  •  The countdown begins!
  • After their media is created, they enter their phone number to have it texted right to them allowing them to share it with friends, on social media, or save on their phone!

Sound cool? I know, right?!

You can add it into any wedding collection and customize it with an overlay, a prop table, and a backdrop! I bring it along to the reception and set up it for the entirety of the reception. Usually that’s from dinner through to the end of the reception!