Nicole & Ryan | Union Trust Wedding

One of the greatest joys I love about being a photographer is seeing couples over and over again throughout their family and friends weddings. Nicole’s sister Lauren married Joe back in 2013, and her cousin, Alyssa to Erik in 2016, so by the time we met up for the first time in March of 2018 at Yard’s Brewery in Philly to catch up, it was no surprise that our “first meeting” lasted 3 hours!
Nicole and Ryan are simply meant for each other. They’re so in-sync with their humor, playfulness, and thoughtfulness towards each other. They’re always laughing with each other. They’re always smiling, and always thinking of each other.
Their wedding day was a sweet quintessential Philadelphia wedding in June as you could imagine! They both got ready at the Loews before heading to their first look at Elfreth’s Alley, where one of the sweetest moments of their wedding day sticks out in my mind. If you’ve ever been to Elfreth’s Alley, you’ll know that it can get pretty packed, especially on a beautiful Saturday in June. Standing still in the middle of it all was Ryan, calm but filled with anticipation! As Nicole exited the car and began to walk down toward Ryan, the sea of people parted for her.
What happened next was magic.
When Ryan turned around and laid eyes on Nicole for the first time, you’d have thought she was the only person in that alley. With an expression of pure jubilation and excitement, Ryan bolted toward her as squeezed her tight. Don’t believe me? Look at the photograph of his reaction below.
The rest of their day was as magical as you could expect. Union Trust by Finley Catering provided the perfect backdrop for their emotional ceremony and the colorful dance party to follow!

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