Kelsey & Dan | Fairmount Engagement

“You guys are making this way too easy for me” I said to Kelsey & Dan. “Haha, we’re just really easy to make laugh!” It’s true though – they are just way too easy to photograph. Yes, partly, because they’re easy to make laugh, but also because they really love on each other! They take […]

Justine & Pat | Fishtown & Belmont Plateau

Exploring is one of my favorite parts of being a photographer. Justine & Patrick had a general idea of where they wanted their engagement session but were cool with going with the flow! “We want to stay away from the art museum and center city area where we’ll do wedding photos, but there’s a cool […]

Jacque & Alex | Longport, NJ Engagement

When Jacque & Alex told me how important Longport, New Jersey is to their relationship and why they wanted their engagement session there, my first thought was “Longport, New Jersey. Where’s that?” Nestled between Ocean City and a few miles south of Atlantic City, is the tiny town of Longport. Jacque’s grandparents had a house […]

Kayleigh & Matt | Longwood Gardens Engagement

It’s been almost unfair how perfect the weather has been lately. If you live in the northeast you know what I’m talking about. Kayleigh and Matt took advantage of this unseasonably warm Fall day to explore Longwood Gardens and nearby winery (or so we thought) to get snuggly with each other. We spent a couple hours […]

Cait & Eric | Atlanta Engagement Session

Spend 2 seconds with Cait & Eric and you’ll immediately feel how balanced and perfect for each other they are! Eric, in his own words, absolutely adores Cait and all of her quirks. “She’s just got this thing about her where she just knows everything is going work out in any situation. Nothing gets at her […]

Meghan & Paul | Haverford Trail Engagement

“What I love most about Paul is that he allows me to be 100% me and doesn’t care.” I think this sentiment is best summed up in the photograph below where Meghan is on Paul’s back with her chin on his shoulder. It’s my favorite photo from their engagement session and I know it’s their […]

Megan & Ken’s Engagement | St. Joe’s University

There’s an explosion of color all over eastern Pennsylvania that’s making it perfect for photographing! Megan & Ken’s engagement session at St. Joe’s University was right smack in the middle of this incredibly colorful time of the year! We had to reschedule their engagement session once because of crappy weather but boy was it worth […]

Camille & Greg | Alstede Farms

There are some couples I feel destined to photograph and Camille and Greg are definitely at the top of that list. I first met Greg way back in 2011 at his brother’s epic 48 hour wedding that happened during the 2011 snowstorm. It was a bonding experience to say the least! Fast forward 3 years to Nov. 2014 at […]

Sarah & Andrew’s Engagement | UPenn & Bartram’s Garden

When it comes to an engagement session – or as I am beginning to call them, Forever Sessions – I always stress finding a meaningful place to photograph at. Some place that has significance to your relationship and says something about the two of you as a couple. For Sarah & Andrew’s engagement, that’s definitely […]

Katie & Mike’s Engagement | Pocono Lake Preserve

I arrived at Pocono Lake Preserve for Katie & Mike’s engagement session. I pulled up to the house Mike’s great-grandfather built. You could tell it was built for a growing family with a great room, huge open kitchen, and plenty of bed rooms. Katie & Mike had already been there for a couple days for a little […]