Jacque & Alex | Longport, NJ Engagement

When Jacque & Alex told me how important Longport, New Jersey is to their relationship and why they wanted their engagement session there, my first thought was “Longport, New Jersey. Where’s that?”
Nestled between Ocean City and a few miles south of Atlantic City, is the tiny town of Longport. Jacque’s grandparents had a house down there for years. It’s where she grew up spending endless summers on the beach as a tag girl and enjoying time with her family. When Alex & Jacque got together, he took right to the beach life. They spend as much time down there as possible and still do.
Life there is pretty simple. It’s a walking town. A couple blocks to the dock, a few more to the bars, turn around and go a few the other way and you’re at the point, a large wall of boulders protecting the beautiful houses just on the other side. “We’ve watched dozens of sunsets from the point. That’s generally where we end up a few nights each time we’re down there,” mentioned Alex when talking about a his ideal day in Longport with Jacque.
Jacque and Alex were kind enough to give me a tour of their favorite parts of Longport. Here’s what we saw.

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