Caitlin & Eric | Ashford Estate

I’ve been fortunate to get to know Cait & Eric though their Forever Session in Atlanta, and Cait’s brother, Chris’s wedding, last September. When you spend time with Cait & Eric, it’s not hard to see why they’re perfect for each other. Eric is loyal, genuine, good natured, and just an all around great guy. “I’m always in awe of him,” Cait told me. “He’s always got it so together and knows exactly where he wants to go.” Eric is a maestro of planning and details and what he loves most about Cait is her go with the flow nature. “Things can be crazy and nothing gets to her. She’s just always happy and always smiling. She just trusts that everything will work out. And some how it always does! I love that about her.”
Their spring wedding day arrived and so did the rain. In fact, it rained all day – through their ceremony at St. Paul’s church in Princeton, during their cocktail hour, and their reception at the incomparable Ashford Estate. We managed so squeak in some portraits of them on the long drive way that leads up to the Ashford. What was truly amazing is how lush everything looks from just being wet! The rain turned out to be such a gift in some ways! Serendipitously, the late night mist did provide for some incredibly unique photographs of them! Once the reception began, the rain didn’t even matter! Tearful speeches, special dances, and one heck of a dance party will out shine any feelings of grey!