Renee & Michael | Vie

“What’s special about Renee & Mike?” I asked Maureen, Mike’s mom.”They really ground each other,” she said. “Renee grounds Mike especially. He can be pretty silly, but when they’re with each other, you can see it in both of them. I noticed it first in Mike because he’s my son. He absolutely adores Renee in a way I’ve never seen. Ever.”
Renee & Mike have a simple kind of love. The kind that gives more than it expects to receive, that doesn’t mind waking up at 2 AM to drive the other to work, and that spends hours walking hours through Philly (drinking wine from a coffee mug) exploring while holding hands and snuggling along the way. It’s that fairytale, in love for all the right reasons, I knew it from two seconds into our relationship, kind of love. This IS Renee & Mike.
In early April, on a strangely cold Spring day, they treated their guests to a classy and incredibly fun wedding day! Their traditional catholic ceremony was at St. Patrick’s before heading to Rittenhouse Square, a favorite stomping ground of theirs, for photos of themselves, before heading to Cescaphe’s Vie up on North Broad Street. It might have been incredibly cold outside but the dance floor heated up that night!
Over a year before their wedding, Renee told that me that she was looking forward to partying with their friends and family all in one place. Throughout their wedding day and looking through their photographs, I know she got what she was hoping for!

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