Huntley & Keith | Merion Golf Club

To say that Huntley & Keith were excited to get married is an understatement! They were REALLY pumped for this day to arrive! I’m going to let the photos do the talking on this one but I think one photo sticks out more than any other. Scroll about half way down this post until just after the ceremony.
Huntley & Keith had just walked down the aisle. I think they were somewhat nervous to be in front of everyone. I mean, it is tough to be the center of attention for an entire day. Nevertheless, they walked through the back doors into the vestiblue and turned the corner to the private room on the side. Really, a staging area for coat racks and other miscellaneous items. As they walked through that door, Keith turned with the biggest smile on his face possible and said “Finally! We did it!” They threw their arms around each other so pumped to finally call each other husband and wife.
It’s those sweet little moments that I live for where the couple is so wrapped up in life, that just for a moment, I am invisible. The “wedding” fades away, the need for photos doesn’t matter. All that matters is the person in front of you.

Thanks for looking!