Bianca & Kyle | Maternity

Eight and a half years. That’s how long Kyle and Bianca have been praying and hoping that they’d be able to conceive a child.
Kyle and Bianca are good friends of mine. It seems as though as long as we’ve known each other they’ve been trying to get pregnant. Unfortunately, the odds have been stacked against them. For over eight years, they tried every method possible in the battle against infertility. I know at times they were frustrated and upset but every conversation I had with them, they seemed more hopeful that before. They are such an inspiration the way they always held onto that little shred of hope even when the horizon seemed dark. Knowing them and watching their journey, I am awestruck the way this struggle has strengthened their marriage. They’re there for each other, through thick and thin.
About 7 months ago, Kyle and I got together for breakfast and he told me about a new study that they’d been accepted into. He seemed more hopeful than ever before. Our group of friends waited with the anticipation of the news if the embryo’s took or not following the procedure. Twins! When we received the news that she was pregnant with twins, we celebrated cautiously, being careful not to let our hopes get too high. There was still a long road ahead and high highs were followed by low-lows. A couple weeks later, I spoke with Kyle after another routine ultrasound. The news could not have been more frustrating. One of the baby’s heartbeat couldn’t be found. The news was bittersweet at best. They still had one strong and healthy baby but the loss of the other baby still stung.
Months went by and their baby grew bigger and stronger! We cheered as Kyle stabbed a giant balloon revealing blue confetti at their gender reveal party and collectively gasped as the confetti cleared revealing a smaller balloon tucked safely inside the first. As the second balloon was popped revealing bright pink confetti, confusion and excitement spread throughout the party. “She disappeared for 5 days but when we went back for the next ultrasound, they found two heartbeats!” “She’s my fighter”, Bianca told me yesterday when we got together for their maternity session. “I want her to know that she’s strong and smart and she can do whatever she wants.”
Baby boy and baby girl may make their appearance any day now but we’re hoping that they stay safe in there for another couple of weeks. Whatever happens, Kyle and Bianca will do it together.

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