Katie & Mike | Sunscape Curaçao

Katie & Mike are untraditional in many ways; they had a destination wedding at the Sunscape Curacao, they went to an island that’s off the beaten path (when they first told me their destination wedding was going to be in Curacao, my first though was, where is that?), and instead of a formal day-after session, they opted for renting ATV’s and ripping through the desert island with 14 friends (and me in the backseat!) This wedding for them was so much more than getting married, but throwing a big party and giving their friends and family a place to vacation to!
So, what do you get when you cram 60 of your closest friends and family into an all-inclusive, with free drinks, food, a major excuse to party? One heck of a wedding week with a gorgeous view everywhere you turned! Enjoy!

Thanks for looking!