Jen & Chuck | Union Trust

There’s nothing sweeter than when two people who are made for each other actually find each other. That is Jen & Chuck. They’re both silly, fun-loving, and dedicated wholeheartedly to their friends. They fit together like a two-piece puzzle and they’re absolutely adorable together! They’re always smiling, always laughing, and trying to make sure everyone around them is having fun too!
They’re wedding day started a Loews Hotel in Center City Philadelphia with bros, tie tying videos, mimosas, tears, and squealing while jumping on the bed. Jen & Chuck had their first look just down the street by City Hall then strolled to the Second Bank of the United States for a few photos before arriving at the Union Trust for their ceremony and reception. It was quite an expressive evening of laughing so hard your belly hurt to choking back tears during vows and parent dances. The best part of all was how connected Jen & Chuck were throughout the entire day. They were never more than an arms reach from each other after they met. They’re just so fun to be around let alone photograph!
Here’s a few favorites from their day!

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