Emily & Gus | David’s Country Inn

Close up silhouette of a bride and groom on their wedding day.

If there’s something I learn from every wedding, going with the flow is what I learned from Emily and Gus. Emily was the picture of calm, cool and collect, not to mention visually excited the entire wedding morning! Her pearly whites (They actually are very white; her dad is a dentist!) and Gus’s for that matter shone through from prep, through to the very end of the reception! Seriously, I’ll “betcha” you can’t find one photo of Emily or Gus without a smile plastered across their face! (Ok – there is one, but it’s of Emily sweetly enjoying Gus and his mom dancing.)

David’s Country Inn in Hackettstown, NJ was the perfect backdrop for their entire wedding day. Emily and Gus got ready in just down the hall from each other, and when they decided it was time to see each other,  they met down on the front porch with their parents’ and bridal party nearby watching every moment. As the ceremony flew past and cocktail hour melded into the reception Emily and Gus decided to forego many of the formalities. When everyone had made their way to the tables, Emily and Gus simply followed and began their first dance with no introduction, then danced with their parents. When Emily’s dance with her father finished, the dance floor opened up and didn’t clear until the end of the night! I seem to remember a small break for dinner, but then right back at it for a solid 3 hours before hopping on two yellow school buses to continue the party back at their hotel!

Side note – I met Emily way back at Kristen & Joe’s snowy 48 hour wedding in 2011 where she was a bridesmaid. (That’s a crazy story, so if you’ve never seen that post. Check it out!)

Bridesmaid helping the bride put her makeup on.

Bridesmaids putting make up on.

Groom and groomsmen tying their ties in the morning.

Close up of bride apply mascara on her wedding day.

Bride's smile framed in mirror on her wedding day.

Maid of honor writing song lyrics on a wedding day.

Bride and bridesmaids dancing excitedly on the wedding morning.

Portrait of a bride on her wedding day.

Bridesmaids reacting excitedly to bride in her dress on her wedding day.

Bride calling out to groom during first look on her wedding day.

Excited groom seeing the bride for the first time.

Close up of bride and groom holding hands.

Bridesmaids seeing the bride and groom after the first look.

Bride and groom hugging under and tree.

Close up of groom kissing bride's cheek.

Bride and groom sitting on a bar.

Father of the groom walking bride down the stairs to the aisle.

Bride smiling as groom says his vows.

Bride and groom laughing at officiant.

Bridesmaid hugging bride after ceremony.

Shutter dragging image of guests mingling during cocktail hour.

Bride and groom laughing during their first look.

Bride and groom laughing at the maid of honor speech.

Bride and groom laughing at the best man speech on their wedding day.

Groom spinning his mom during mother/son dance.

Bride watching the mother/son dance.

Bride dancing with her father.

Bride dancing with guests at her wedding reception.

Bride's brother spinning her and bridesmaid.

Bride and bridesmaid dancing at the wedding reception.

Wide shot of bride dancing on the dance floor with candles in the foreground.

Wedding guests dancing in the middle of a group at the reception.

Groom dancing in the middle of all the guests.

Bride and groom dancing at their wedding reception at David's Country Inn in NJ.

Bride hugging groom at the end of their wedding reception.

Bride and groom getting on school bus to leave wedding.

Bride, groom and guests hanging out of school bus windows.