Clare & Sean | Philadelphia Horticulture Center Engagement

An enthusiastic “YES!” came blurting from Clare. I didn’t even get to finish my sentence, “Hey, do you guys want to climb that…?!” When I say Clare & Sean were down for anything, I truly mean anything! No, their engagement session wasn’t all dangling from limbs; they kept it classy in formal wear as we explored the Art Museum grounds, strolling through the Azalea Garden, snuggling on benches dotted along Kelly Drive, and climbing to the top of Lemon Hill.
The alluring green spaces of the Philadelphia Horticulture Center allowed for casual outfits and quite a bit of monkeying around (see what I did there?). Up to that point we had covered a lot of ground and created a bunch of pretty pictures, but I wanted to create something a little different for them. Then I saw it. A giant tree that looked like it had just stuck it’s finger in an electrical socket with it’s wiry low hanging branches jutting out sporadically from the trunk in all directions! Clare and Sean hopped right to it, or should I say climbed, and and spent a good 10 minutes just hangin’ out (double pun!).
It was quite a joyful and adventurous day! Their wedding day is coming up this October in Center City Philadelphia. If their engagement is any inkling of what their wedding will be like, I am sure it will be spectacular! I might have to bring a little print of the image above and sing every chance I get, “Clare and Sean sitting in a tree…!”
Looking forward to sharing your big day with you both!