Brooke & Dan | Central Park Engagement

To continue in the theme of engagement season I am delighted to share Brooke & Dan’s engagement session with you!
From Brooke’s very first email to me to their engagement session was under a month! They were determined to catch the last bits the Fall warmth before it’s vibrant colors ran into hibernation before NYC’s notoriously brutal Winter. Now that we are in the dead of Winter with a stubborn thermometer still hovering in the low teens, looking back at these photos feels like a dream!
As I arrived at our meeting spot on the West side Central Park & 67th, it dawned on me that I didn’t even know what Brooke and Dan look like. Sure we chatted on the phone and emailed back in forth a bunch, but with busy schedules and planning the engagement session we didn’t get a chance to Skype. I nearly stood up and bounced smiling towards the wrong couple walking hand-in-hand towards me but took the hint from the death stare I received from them. Just then I noticed a stylish leather jacket clad couple smiling and bouncing their way towards me. Right then I knew immediately this was going to be a great day!
From their first words and interested in you, it’s easy to tell how genuine they are. It’s like you’re seeing old friends and you can pick up right where you’ve left off years ago. Brooke and Dan don’t hold back. They’re excitable, adventurous, inviting, warm, classy and goodnatured! They are a true joy to spend time with in every capacity!
We explored the city for the better part of 4 hours including less traveled spots of central park, the subway, and the West Village where the Highline picks up. We were walking along the river and been shooting for a while. It was getting cold but the light was warm and pretty as we walked along. Brooke and Dan stopped to snuggle but in a moment of spontaneity Dan threw Brooke over his shoulder and spun around like a helicopter! In that silly little moment, I captured what is easily my favorite image from their engagement session (you’ll need to scroll down to see it)! At their wedding in just 5 short months, I’ll have require Dan to once more throw is blushing bride over his shoulder and spin around like a helicopter! It’s sure to be a treat.