Melanie & Will | Philadelphia Downtown Marriott

When I first met Melanie she told me that she and Will had only one photo they like of themselves together but photography was extremely important to them. Melanie and Will are a quiet, shy couple, who don’t like to be the center of attention, so it was no surprise initially she was a bit nervous about being the center of attention with cameras focused on her the entire day. I saw all the nerves melt away the moment she turned the corner and locked eyes with Will. As his eyes started to well up and tears began rolling down his cheek, I know he only saw her, and as she stood holding onto her father’s arm wiping a tear that escaped, she smiled from ear to ear, I know she only saw him.

Melanie and Will have infectious smiles, and from that point on, it never left their faces. And they never left each other side. Anytime I came to them with an idea for a couple portrait, they jumped at the chance because it meant more time for just the two of them. Time to hold each other, kiss, snuggle and laugh. Their constant laughter was a joy to be around!

The entire day was held at the Philadelphia Downtown Marriott. From a hectic morning getting ready, to the amazing moves on the dance floor, and in our last moments with them after a few night portraits watching them ride up the escalator and out of sight, they kept their wedding day simple, fun and easy for everyone enjoy!