Nicole & Jordan | The Barn at The Farmhouse

Nicole & Jordan’s wedding was simple, warm and rustic. Their entire wedding was characterized by good friends, great food, and the best beers. The Barn at The Farmhouse was the perfect backdrop. When you walked inside you were immediately greeted by a small but long glowing warm room from tons candles strewn about. In the center of that room was a long wooden table equally adorned with a multitude of candles. Soon the warmth of the room shown all over smiling faces as dinner gave way to toasts, wholehearted laughter, a silly first dance, long conversations, a lot of beer, dancing, and a lap dance that had everyone roaring with laughter! Two families were present at Nicole & Jordan’s wedding, but I know I only saw one. I guess, when two become one it doesn’t necessarily refer to the bride and groom only.
Nicole & Jordan-Thank you so, so much for having me at your quaint, family-oriented celebration.

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