Tonya & Chris | Pottsville, PA

Standing in the middle a busy highway blocking traffic, hugging and kissing in front of a ramshackle old blue garage because I knew it would make a great photograph, or trekking through an overgrown field– Tonya and Chris were game for whatever I could come up with!
They had a rather idyllic day–blue skies, emotional family, and enthusiastic friends! They both got ready at their home, Tonya and her ladies, upstairs and Chris with his guys downstairs. During our creative portrait time after the ceremony, neither of them thought twice when I told them my ideas to have them folic in a field and dodge traffic in the middle of US-54. “We’ll follow you!” they said! Never hesitating to run into the road between breaks of cars. When I was photographing them in the field however, I paused for a moment to give them some direction, but stopped for fear of ruining the moment as I noticed them together. They might as well have been the only two in the entire field. It didn’t matter that the bridal party was a hundred feet away yelling about the horse a curious neighbor of the field was leading out towards us, or the constant flashes from my strobes, they were there together–just the two of them– just for a moment. And that is what mattered.
When we got to their reception, everyone let loose! They were announced in grand fashion to thumping beats, wearing sunglasses and dancing the whole way across the hall–just how they wanted. The party never stopped!
Thank you both for one heck of a party and inviting me to preserve it for you! :o)

Thank you for looking!