I first met Tiffany years ago, before she was with Adam. Probably even before college! She is the sister to my cousin Ryan’s wife Michelle. Ryan and I went to Michelle’s parents house to swim, when I met Tiff. So, if we fast forward a few years and come to her wedding, I was thrilled that she had contacted me!
It seems like yesterday we were getting together at Panera, to chat about her wedding- her hopes, dreams, and concerns. I knew Tiff had a concern going into it because of our prior conversations. In April 2008, Tiff was diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, a rare cancer typically originating in the head or neck region-in Tiff’s case, her neck. She has some scaring and nerve damage, but it was no match for her spirit and today, thankfully, we can call her a cancer survivor.

Tiff and Adam’s day was spectacular! From their family and friends filled preparation at the Gaylord Hotel to their reception on The Odyssey, a gigantic cruise boat of the National Harbor! Adam kept telling me about a nearby sculpture called “The Awakening” we should go to for their portrait session. He was right! It was so cool! I had never seen or heard of it before. It definitely made a great backdrop for some really unique and interesting photographs!

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  1. Dan! this is AMAZING. I’ve seen the album multiple times and each time I look through the pictures I am even more amazed. You are so talented and really captured the day perfectly! Thanks for being so excited about my wedding and making me feel SO beautiful!!
    you are the best!!

  2. Dan, couldn’t be more pleased with the work you did covering Tiffany and Adam’s wedding day. From beginning to end you did a marvelous,professional job..so pleased you had time in your schedule to capture the event!What a special day it was..thanks so much for your lovely photos! xo Mrs B.

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