Kayleigh & Matt | Blue Bell Country Club

Wedding days have an extradinary amount of balance. More importantly, the couple needs to find balance. It’s an exciting, fast paced day that can feel likes it’s over in the blink of an eye. So, it’s important in the hustle and bustle of the wedding day that the couple carves out little pockets of time just for themselves. Kayleigh and Matt are pros at the art of “turning it off” being the only two people in a crowded room, even if only for a second! There were dozens of times throughout their day I saw them drift into their own world – walking back from a field we did portraits in, on the middle of the dance floors (this might be one of my favorite photos from last 5 years.), behind their sweetheart table, and a ton more of these little micromoments – only to snap back into time a moment later. It was incredibly sweet to witness!
Kayleigh & Matt are super sweet. They, quite literally, are the perfect fit for each other! Matt is a full foot taller than Kayleigh which makes the top of her head the perfect resting place for Matt’s chin! They are best friends and do anything and everything together!
Their wedding day began in the suites at Normandy Farms before a beautiful Catholic mass at St. Catherine of Siena in Horsham. Their family and friends enjoyed a colorful reception at Blue Bell Country Club.
As I write this today on their one year anniversary it’s amazing to look back through their wedding photos and their Forever Session, and think back through the journey I got to share with them. From running through fields chasing the subset near Longwood Gardens during their Forever Session, to those quite “wedding day timeouts” I witnessed last year, I’ve come to realize what they have is truly special. Thank you for letting me share your journey!
Happy Anniversary, you two!