Deirdre & Brendan | The Queen | Wilmington, DE

“I knew he was the one on the first date” Deirdre told me. “After Iron Hill Brewery we went hack to his house and and played Donkey Kong on Super Nintendo until like two in the morning! I love that with him the future can mean buying an RV and trading for awhile, or moving back to Texas or spending a year of fun and maybe buying a tony house.”
Pure joy is what it’s like being around Deirdre & Brendan! You’ll be laughing along doubled over with stomach cramps before the day is done! They’re two peas in a pod. The snap to each other’s crackle pop. The lid to each other’s pots. They’re such a sweet match. They love to adventure together. When I went to visit them a few months before their wedding, Brendan brought an extra bike home from the shop so we could cruise around Wilmington, DE, grab some dinner, and check out The Queen, the venue they got married at.
They take that sense of adventure, lightheartedness and joy everywhere they go including generous helpings heaped all over the wedding.  The Queen in Wilmington, DE served as the unique setting for their wedding reception. Why else get married in a concert hall? So you can let your family and friends party! When you look through the photos below, watch how elated they are to be with each other and surround by the people they care most about. There was never a single dull moment! And once the band started – forget about it!

Thank you for looking!