In super slow motion, Megan and Steve raised their cake filled forks to each other. They creeped them simultaneously towards each others mouths. Their wide smiles grew into silly open mouth grins as they slowly smeared the cake across each other’s lips! It was hilarious! You could probably guess that Improv comedy is a hobby of theirs and their silly sides as well as their tender sides were on display at every turn of the day. From Megan getting ready singing church hymns, Steve’s tear filled eyes as he saw his bride as she walked down the aisle at their Catholic ceremony, him sweeping Megan off her feet and carrying her over the threshold of their home, walking through the subway, a Broad Street City Hall photo that captures who they are perfectly, to theatrics of their first dance, the super slow-mo cake smash, and the silliest faces too numerous to put into a blog post with only 50 photos! They surely have a relationship built on love, but definitely have a marriage built on laughter. Enjoy!

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  1. We should all have one day in our lives where we are this happy and have this much fun. Kudos to you Dan, you captured their spirit and the essence of their relationship — laughter and love. Meg told me it was the best day of her life, and now she has the photos to relive it forever.

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