Allison & Jason | The Downtown Club

Portrait of bride and groom at the Downtown Club in Philadelphia, PA
Allison and Jason are as sweet as they come! They got married in a traditional Jewish ceremony at the Downtown Club in Center City Philadelphia, and then partied the night away! Over their year long planning process we met many times, including their engagement session and I am thrilled to now called them great friends! They got my name from Emily & Marc who’s wedding I photographed back in 2012!
When Allie, her mom and I first got together at a cafe, we had to Skype Jason in from his home in Toronto. They met over 8 year ago on the Birthright trip to Israel. While she was in Philadelphia and he in Toronto, they spent 7 years and almost 20,000 miles commuting each way to see each other. With thousands of miles between them, they still managed  to be inseparable.
Their entire wedding was built on the pillars of family and tradition. They were excitedly overwhelmed at the idea that they would take part in the centuries old traditions of a Jewish ceremony that their parents and grandparents have gone through before them. Even from the very beginning, Allie wrote that they were most excited for “having all our closest friends and family (half of whom are coming from Canada and even Australia!) all together in one place!…with an open bar.”  If they were excited to have their friends and family celebrate, then I know the friends and family were as equally excited!
One of my favorite moments occurred just after the toasts when everyone would typically sit for their entrees. Unbeknownst to Allie, a group of wedding party and guests alike knowing her love of singing and show tunes, sprang up to and formed a chorus line! With her mount agape from surprise, she exclaimed “What is this?!” More joy than I could have ever imagined radiated from behind that sweetheart table. The second time she even got up to join them!
That along with many great moments made up one incredible wedding day for them. I hope you enjoy what you see!
Bride and mother of the bride laughing together on wedding day.
Groom and groomsmen getting ready for wedding at Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia.
Bride getting ready near Independence Hall at Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia.
Groom tying his tie on wedding day.
Close up of bride getting her lipstick applied.
Bridesmaids helping bride put her dress on at Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia, PA.
Excited bride putting a lace jacket on.
Portrait of a beautiful bride in window light at Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia, PA.
Mother of the bride and bridesmaids laugh and cry as they see bride in her dress for the first time.
Bride walking down the street in Center City Philadelphia.
Groom waiting to see his bride during the first look.
Excited groom seeing his bride for the first time at their first look.
Bride and groom hug as people walk by in front of Second Bank of the United States.
Bride and groom walking in Center City Philadelphia on their wedding day.
Bride and groom snuggling on giant domino game pieces in Philadelphia park near City Hall.
Bride ironing groom with giant Monopoly game piece in Center City Philadelphia.
Bride and groom enter the Downtown Club as parking attendant puts out red tape.
Excited bride and groom laugh as they sign their Ketubah.
Excited bride and groom high-five as witnesses sign their Ketubah, a Jewish wedding tradition, during the wedding day.
Groom hugs mother as dad looks on after they walked him down the aisle for a Jewish ceremony.
The bride and her parents walk down the aisle during a Jewish ceremony at The Downtown Club in Philadelphia, PA.
Bride and groom stand under Chuppah during their Jewish wedding ceremony at the Downtown Club in Philadelphia.
Bride laughs as groom says his wedding vows.
Groom looks at bride during his wedding vows.
Bride wipes tears away as groom says his wedding vows in Jewish ceremony at the Downtown Club in Philadelphia.
Bride and groom walk in Center City Philadelphia.
Groom spins bride in Philadelphia Park.
Bride and groom have their first dance under petal canon at the Downtown Club in Philadelphia, PA.
Groom is lifted in a chair during the Horah!
Bride and groom are lifted in chairs during the Horah at their reception.
Bride and groom dance during the Horah at their wedding reception.
Bride and groom dance during Horah of their wedding reception
Bride and groom snuggle as wedding guests sing to them.
Bride and groom snuggle as their wedding guests sing to them during surprise chorus.
Wedding guests sing to bride and groom during surprise chorus.
Bride and groom and their parent share a couples dance.
Bride dances in the center of wedding guests.
Guests dance during wedding reception!
Bride and groom shove cake into each other's face!
Best man and groomsmen sing along during wedding reception.
Groomsmen dances during reception.
Bridesmaids and guests throw their hands up in the air as they dance during wedding reception.
Best man, groom, bride and weddings guests pack the dance floor during a favorite song!
Bride and two wedding guests sing along to a song on the dance floor.
Bride throws her arm into the air during wedding reception.
Groom holds brides hands in the air as they sing the last song!
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