Brooke & Dan | Artesano Ironworks

Creative portrait of bride and groom through candles at Artesano Ironworks in Philadelphia
From the first message Brooke and Dan had my heart.
“While we know it’s ‘our day’ it’s really important to us that our guests have a great time…My favorite photos are always ones from the dance floor. 🙂 What drew me to your photographs is that you can feel the personality and the energy of the people in the photos.” It’s no secret I love the dance floor, and in Brooke’s own words there would be “big personalities on the dance floor.”
They did not disappoint. Their wedding reception was one of the energetic, exciting, full force, packed dance floors I have witnessed! Everyone wanted a piece of the celebration and it did not stop! (You’re not going to want to miss the dance floor photos!) My favorite moment of the entire day was just after the last song had finished. Brooke and Dan were engulfed by a hoard of friends who refused to leave and belted out “That’s What Friends Are For” and their rendition of “Ole, Ole, Ole,” substituting “Jose, Jose, Jose” from part of Dan’s last name. This is just one of dozens of special moments throughout their day, both planned and unplanned, that spoke to what loving and genuine people they are and how much they mean to the friends and family around them.
Thank you to Dan and Brooke for your trust and friendship, and for being such a joy to work with throughout the entire process!
Smiling bride looks at her wedding dress on hanging.
Bride writes out wedding vows on wedding morning.
Bride and bridesmaids laugh while they get ready on wedding day.
Groom put his suit jacket on on his wedding day.
Bride gets her make up applied on wedding day.
Groomsmen helps groom with tie.
Nervous bride puts her gown on.
Excited bridesmaids see bride in her wedding dress for the first time.
Excited groom sees bride for first time at first look.
Reflection of groom kissing bride on cheek.
Bride and groom go on a walk together. during wedding day,
Bride and groom under a bridge on wedding day.
Groom puts his arm around bride as they walk on wedding day.
Mother of the bride walks bride down the aisle.
Groom's parents laugh during the wedding ceremony.
Bride smiles at emotional groom.
Groom about to break glass in Jewish tradition.
Officiant and wedding guests scream Mazel Tov as groom breaks glass during Jewish ceremony.
Bride and groom strong along canal in Manayuk.
Weddings guests throw confetti at bride and groom as they enter reception.
Bride laughs as groom entices weddings guests.
Bride and groom share first dance.
Bride and groom laugh at maid of honor during wedding speech.
Bride touches groom on the face during wedding speeches
Bride and groom laugh hysterically at Best Man speech.
Mother of the groom hugs him during mother/son dance.
Bride and mom share a special dance on wedding day.
Groomsmen throw groom into air during wedding reception.
Weddings guests dance on dance floor.
Groom lays on dance floor.
Weddings guests dance during reception.
Bride lays back on dance floor.
Shirtless groom sings to bride during wedding reception.
Wedding guest raises his arms like he just doesn't care.
Bride and guests react to shirtless groom singing during wedding reception.
Bride and groom sing to each other during wedding reception.
Bride is thrown into air during wedding reception.
Wedding guests throw arms in the air as they surround bride and groom!