Michelle & Nick | Edgewood in the Pines

As I was driving home from Michelle and Nick’s wedding I couldn’t help but think of how quick the day went. Flying through prep then heading a stunning Catholic church for their ceremony, sneaking in a few couple portraits in church, then getting whisked away to Edgewood in the Pines for a simple reception filled with tradition and dancing!

I remembered when I first met with them, we were unsure about if I was going to be their photographer because I was a little out of their budget. Photography was their main priority so they adjusted certain things and found room in their budget to make it work! They kept telling me about the one big picture they wanted- as long as they got one really, really great photo from their day- they would be happy. Nick text messaged me an image of the stained glass window in the church a couple months prior to the wedding, with the words “Maybe you can do something with this?” I thought many times to myself, maybe that is the big picture they wanted, maybe that could be exactly the one big photo that would make it all worth it, and embody the two of them, how excited they are to marry each other!

Amongst all the other images from their day, this one is easily my favorites. At the end of the ceremony, I knew I had my opportunity to create something memorable. They are an excitable couple who are extremely affectionate towards, and very generous with love for each other. They were super excited from the ceremony and finally making their marriage official- I simply said, you need to run and jump out of the back of the church! The above image was the result! When I saw it on the back of my screen I freaked out! (It recently was included in the October 0213 Fearless Awards! See that here!) so at the reception I toned it up and showed them a sneak peek on my laptop. Their reaction was exactly what any photographer wants from their couple- eyes wide open, big smiles on their faces, Michelle covering her mouth in shock, then looking at each other and smiling before saying “Oh My God!!!” That was the best moment for me.

The rest of the day was perfect! Simple and fun! When it was time to cut the cake, Michelle and Nick came out in boxing gloves for the WCC or “Wedding Cake Challenge” a game they had devised to see who would get cake in the face! All bets were on Nick getting it in the face- Michelle wound up and didn’t hold back! Then in a true Polish tradition, all the males in Michelle’s family- bothers, uncles, dad, cousins- all surrounded her. Nick’s job- break through and get to his new wife! He never broke through but jumped over everyone instead! Everyone laughed and cheered as he landed and pulled Michelle in for a kiss!

Nick & Michelle- Thank you so much for being so amazing and such a joy to work with! You are both such amazing people and I am thrilled to have shared your day with you!

 Thank you for looking!