Danielle & Ryan | Woodland Park, NJ

As Danielle & Ryan’s wedding day grew closer, the one thing we knew for sure was that is was going to rain. Hard. The entire day. It can be really frustrating to know that all this planning goes into a day that has less than ideal weather. Danielle & Ryan took the news in stride and brushed it off! Ryan even said, “We’re going to need the rain, because the dance floor is going to be on FIRE!” Ha!
On fire it was! Shortly after the toasts and dinner, the DJ brought everyone in the entire room to circle the dance floor, where Danielle and Ryan had some dancing games to get everyone pumped it! They ran around the circle “high-fiving” everyone, then had a dance battle in the center against anyone who dared to step in! The laughs and cheers were deafening as Danielle and Ryan battled against Ryan’s brother, his girlfriend, and Danielle’s sister! The dancefloor was packed the entire night and I had a blast photographing it! At no point would you have guess it was raining cats and dogs outside!
Danielle, Ryan and I are hoping to get back together again for a little “day after session” where they will get another use out of their wedding garb for a little fun in the sun and a chance for more photos of the two of them! (I cannot wait to see you both again!)
Thank you for looking!