Lisa & Brian's Engagement | NYC

I was pretty excited to meet Brian & Lisa face-to-face after a delightful Skype meeting a few weeks prior. I was even more excited when I walked into Brian’s office and he introduced me to the person (a secret to me to that point) who referred them to me- Kristen, my high spirited, super smiley bride of the Snowy 48-hour October 29th, 2011 wedding! After some hugs and quick catching up, Lisa, Brian and I headed off to take on the city!

I do not get to shoot up in NYC often, but I always jump at the chance to! Lisa, Brian & I were everywhere- Washington Square, weaving through streets in a taxi, The Juliard School, and of course Central Park! We just went a little photo crazy for a couple hours before they had to go back to class. We were all hyped up at the end of our time together and the rush of our day so it was a bummer that we had to leave each other! At least when their wedding rolls around in August I will get to spend a couple days with them at the beautiful Cranwell Resort in Massachusetts! CANNOT WAIT!

Thank you for looking!