Jess & Matt | Woodstone

Whenever I meet with a new couple, I take notes in a little notebook that I have been writing in for as long as I have been in business.  It is really amazing to hear the lives people lead and the stories they have! I have endearingly named that little book “Infinitely Interesting” for all of the amazing stories and interesting couples I have had the chance to meet. Jess and Matt are no different, other than the fact that I have known them since high school. I remember getting to know Matt, a fellow drummer, when his band, which contained a few close friends of mine, played at an open mic night put together by a student organization I was a member of. Not long after, Matt introduced me to his girlfriend Jess while we spread mulch at a nearby playground for the same student organization. Over the years we hung out and saw each often as friends do. Matt and I went to Kutztown University together and played music in friends’ bands. At a certain point, probably when Matt & Jess moved to D.C. I obviously did not see them as much. It is amazing to me how times changes and how people bloom. Matt just passed Bar exam, and Jess is currently working on her Ph.D. and doing research for a cure for breast cancer. She is also a very active member of the Capital Area Runners and runs marathons all over the nation.

It would seem fitting then that on the morning of her wedding she would ask me to meet her during her 10 mile run so I could snap a few photographs of her running. Naturally, I jumped at the chance!

As if being a wedding photographer doesn’t come with enough pressure, photographing a friend’s wedding can amplify the feeling! When I realized many of my close friends, and my very own fiancee were going to be the those I was sharing the dance floor with and documenting their crazy dance moves, all the pressure was gone!

Matt & Jess’s day was perfect. I never really saw much of a sentimental side of Matt, but more than once during their day I witnessed his stolen glances with a big smile plastered all over his face. I wondered if he was thinking about what I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Was he thinking back on their already 10+ year relationship? Was Jess thinking the same thing a she glanced back at Matt, her eyes beginning to well up at her Maid of Honor’s speech? All I know is that they never left each others side during their day, and they alway let each other know they were there- a little kiss on the forehead from Matt, or Jess reaching to grab hold of Matt’s hand. I think that said enough.


Always in good company with good friends…

Thank you for looking!