Kristi & Tom | Cancun, Mexico

Kristi and Tom first hired me as their wedding photographer way back in early 2010 for their wedding then in Key West, FL. Through a few life events, they decided to postpone their wedding. Over a the next year and a half, we kept in touch as they bought a home, looked for a new venue and new date that would work for what they wanted. I student taught at the same school that Kristi teaches at during that time, so we saw each other often and talked about their wedding plans. Finally in early 2012 they decided to move their entire wedding to Cancun for an intimate ceremony and reception on the beach. And let me tell you, it was perfect! 15 guests including my fiancee and I witnessed their commitment to each other on the beach under a flawless deep blue sky.

I knew Kristi and Tom well after their engagement session and planning with them for so long, the excitement building for nearly two years, that it felt surreal when their day finally started. I could tell they were ready! Kristi beamed as she walked down the sand aisle to a tearful Tom. Laughter and smiles, changed to joyful tears after the ceremony as an impromptu campagne toast from Kristi’s mom welcomed her new son (-in-law) into their family. (Also one of my favorite images from their day.)

One of the most memorable, maybe silliest parts of their day was at the very end of the night. Tom wanted to do a shot with all of the guests together to thank everyone and give a final “hoora!” before the night ended. One of the waiters suggested a shot called something like “Boom Boom Tequila” We all reluctantly agreed not knowing what was in store next…When the waiter returned with enough drinks for everyone, he walked up to Tom, shook the glass and pounded it on the table, gave it to Tom to drink and then immediately covered his face with a towel and shook his head around before slapping him on the head with the towel and exclaiming “Boom boom!” Before we knew it he had moved onto Kristi and eventually around the entire table! It was unlike any thing I had ever seen and it was hilarious!

In all seriousness though, Kristi and Tom, thank you for sticking with me though your wedding plans had changed. Thank you for inviting me to share your day with you. It truly felt like I was spending the day photographing two old friends. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you both! Rachel and I are so happy to know you both!

Thank you for looking!