Joanne & Brian's Engagement | Philly Art Museum

I remember talking to Brian for the first time on the phone. We chatted about some of their wedding details and a few other things, and I remember asking him where he lived. He named a place that I knew the general location of. I thought it was near Doylestown and I mentioned that I had just done a Duathlon there. Turns out Joanne and Brian are both triathletes! Which I was pretty excited about! For the next 20 minutes of our phone call instead of wedding stuff, we chatted about triathlons, and all about their experience competing in them! Also turns out Brian is a photographer, so needless to say, we both hit it off right away!
When I got to meet Joanne a few days later at our meeting, it was easy to see how perfect they are for each. They even train and workout together! I find it so amazing that they can fit in a 100 mile bike ride, or a 15 mile run together on a Saturday morning and then relax with each other or spend time with friends. It seems to me that they make time for the things that mean the most to them-each other, friends and fitness.
Their engagement session was simple and sweet! We walked around the Philly Art Museum and chased light before ending up at The Belgian Cafe, a favorite spot of theirs near Joanne’s apartment. The highlight for me however was creating the image of them kissing in front of that awesome sky. That spot has sentimental value to them because it happens to the exact spot Brian asked Joanne to marry him! Scroll down to see which one I mean!

The image below is the exact spot where Brian asked Joanne to marry him!

I forgot to mention that they both beer lovers!
I am soo pumped for their wedding in June!
Thanks for looking!