Allison & Tommy | Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Allison & Tommy’s (only Allison calls him that) wedding went off without a hitch (or hiccups)! Surrounded by their loving families and enthusiastic friends the danced the night away at Bear Creek in an amazingly colorful room transformed by Mittmann Entertainment!
Allison and Tommy’ were up for anything- “Hey do you guys want to go out on this flimsy dock with all your bridesmaid’s and groomsmen?” “Sure!”
I saw an awesome spot to photograph, but its all the way over there.” “Let’s do it!” It was an awesome time! And whenever it came to our creative photo time, they were very generous with their affection for each other (which makes my job super easy!) I’d say “Ok, good to go! Next stop!” and they’d sneak a few more kisses in before moving. It was quite lovely!
Thank you, Allison and Tom, for allowing me to do my thing and preserve the memories from your wedding day for you!