Meghan & Marc's Engagement Session | October 23rd, 2011

I had an awesome time with Meghan and Marc! I love when I get to work in the city with a couple simply because there ends up being so much walking and walking equals talking! I was great to be able to walk around with them and talk about everything from their wedding coming up in June at the Memorial Hall at the Please Touch Museum (super excited!) to how Marc proposed with this amazing scrap book he created of the photographs of the two of them over their relationship which culminated with an image of him on his knee (there’s a beautiful image of the two of them looking at it below and a photo of the final page of the book).
Meghan and March- it was lovely to be around the two of you. I am thrilled to be seeing you again so soon! Can’t wait!

I love the look Meghan is giving Marc below- its that “you are one of a kind, what would I do with you look.”

Thanks for looking!