Ashley & Eric | All over the Lehigh Valley | October 9th, 2011

A few weeks before our session, I received a super excited email from Ashley saying that she finally figured out what she wanted to do and where she wanted to go for their engagement session! Following that was a list of a bunch of locations from shooting in their home, to an abandoned road to the lehigh valley zoo and everything in between. Of course, I made it known to her and Eric when we first met that I am up for anything, and my engagement session do not really have any constraints! So we hit up every spot, including my favorite, Bake Oven Knob, which is where the last image was taken!

Starting in their home was different than most of my sessions, but it was actually pretty fun and kind of quirky! Ashley loves to read, and Eric loves video games. Simple as that. And they wanted to tie that into their session some how. I think we did quite well! Make sure you take a look at Ashley shirt in the first couple photos! I love it!

Probably the craziest park of our time together was when I found them skipping rocks and chatting together as they waited for me to quick change a lens “on shore.” I immediately thought “What a great photo op!” So I made my way back out into the water and asked them to continuing skipping rocks, but they were throwing them too far away from me, and for the images I was envisioning, the rocks needed to be way closer to me.
Well that is exactly what I got! I was holding my camera 2 inches above the water, and the rock in the image I got bounced a foot or two in front of my lens, then skipping again right underneath my camera and brushed my fingers! Ha! You can actually see the panic starting in Ashley face in the photo as the rock skips towards me! It was really, really funny! I stopp up so quickly, looked at them and we all started to laugh.
It was a really great time!

Thanks for looking!