Susan & Joe | Stroudsmoor Country Inn | September 24th, 2011

What a party!

Susan and Joe’s wedding was a blast! There was not a single dull moment throughout the entire day. I am pretty sure someone was dancing in every single part of the day I covered. During Susan’s preparation at her sister’s home, it is Lebanese tradition for a there to be a ton of food, family, friends and a drummer to welcome the bride and celebrate her marriage. The women make this really interesting chant/sound to show their excitement! It is not going to render well in text but it sounds like “LE,LE,LE,LE,LE,LE,LE!” It is really interesting because the older women have mastered it and are seem to be revered for their development in this sound. I absolutely loved it every part of it! It was such a celebration! And the chemistry between Susan and Joe made my job so easy! They have such an energy around each other, you can see all throughout these images! They feed off the love of each other of so much! It was really great to be a witness of!

Special props to Zachary Hartzell who second shot and worked it, hustling all day!

I love these dancing images below!

I love this shot below and props to Zach for getting it. I love the anticipation of the bride waiting, the moment before she walks into the church! Just think of everything happening and the anticipation on the other side of that door. This photograph would not have been possible without Zach as my second photographer.

This little guy came out of no where!

Like I said, one big party! (That never stopped! Not even during dinner!)

Thanks for looking!