Visual Voicemails 2016

Presenting Visual Voicemails 2016!
A little over a year ago I came up with idea to create a promo video based on the video testimonials of my past couples. I sent a request to a bunch of couples and asked them to send me a simple video from their phone sharing their wedding experience with me! I asked them what it was like working with me, what their favorite photographs from their wedding day are and just to talk candidly about their entire wedding experience. What resulted was a compilation of their responses. Now over a year later, I am so pleased to unveil (see what I did there? – ha!) Visual Voicemails 2016, the second edition of this project!
I am so thankful for all the help from my couples over the past two years who took the time and energy to record a video testimonial for me! I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my good friend Zach Hartzell for editing it together for me!
Now, without further adieu, I present Visual Voicemails 2016!
Thank you for watching!

Here is the original Visual Voicemails!