Megan & Steve | Blue Event Center

Animated – Boisterous – Care-Free! The only words that can describe Megan crushin’ the dance floor with her (then) boyfriend Steve. They set the dance floor on fire over two years ago at Kelly & Kyle’s wedding! It’s no secret that I love a good dance party! So when Megan contacted me to photograph her wedding, I knew I couldn’t miss it!
I felt destined to photograph their wedding. We already had such a great connection from Kelly & Kyle’s wedding. Megan told me early on that she wanted everyone to enjoy their day. Whatever happens, happens. All that mattered was that their friends and family have a great time! The reception held so much of what they were excited for. I knew that was what they were looking forward to most.
The morning flew by. Ceremony, family formals, couple portraits, past in a flash.
The dance party? Couldn’t have started soon enough!
It was exactly what they wanted – their friends and family together. Hair flying. Fists pumping. Teeth showing. A hell of a party to celebrate. Mid reception, Megan disappeared only to have the Penn State Nittany Lion carrying her into the reception on his back as Zombie Nation blasted! (As a surprise to Steve, Megan got the Nittany Lion to make a guest appearance! Steve is an loyal Penn State fan – then again what graduate of PSU isn’t?) They didn’t need to plan to have a good night. They let it happen.
An email Megan sent to me after their wedding says it best, “The dance floor photos are just perfection! How do I know SO many people with all those moves?! ;)”
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