Rina & Jason | Radisson Warwick

What a day! Rina and Jason’s wedding started early, a 5:00am kind of early. When I walked in at 6:00, the room was buzzing-  the howl of blow dryers, the sizzle of curling irons, bridesmaids tackling Rina onto her bed squealing with excitement- a typical wedding morning! What great energy to start the day with! By 8:00am Rina was dressed and ready to see her husband and fly around town for early morning portraits. What happened next was astonishing! As we were about to do the first look, a hoard of friends and family showed up across the street. As Rina approached Jason, standing with his back to her, the excited group hooted and hollered, cheering them on! Rina called out to Jason, and as he turned to see his beautiful bride, tears flowed, and a smile painted his face!
I got to know Jason and Rina when I photographed the wedding of Jason’s brother Dan. Dan and his wife Nikki were married high up in the Rockies of Estes Park, CO, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Jason and Dan were best men for each other. Jason is a genuine, trustworthy friend, the tell-him-a-secret-and-he-will-take-it-to-his-grave kind of friend. He has your best interest in mind and wears his heart on his sleeve, which makes him great to photograph! Rina is constantly smiling…and laughing…always! She’s got an infectious smile! When she smiles it’s as if she is smiling with her entire being! You can see it when you are in a room with her, she brings that energy and everyone is attracted to it!
Together, Rina and Jason make a great team. After their emotional Jewish ceremony, they led their friends and family in an all out dance party! I figured they were going to be exhausted by the time their reception ended, but they still had a ton of energy left! In the waning hours of the day, we spent three hours chasing light around center city Philadelphia, discovering interesting portraits in Rittenhouse Square, down side streets, and on rooftops. Perfection is the only way I can describe the last moments of their day. Rina and Jason sat talking together about their mornings and watching the saturated orange sky slowly change to deep blue. It brought a close to their wedding day, but began the first day of the rest of their lives, together.

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Gown Boutique: Sabrinna Ann
Wedding Venue: Radisson Warwick, Philadelphia, PA
Band: Slippery Band
Florist: Amaranth Florist
Gluten Free Cake Artist: Sweet Freedom Bakery