Lisa & Greg | Meadow Wood Manor, NJ

The thing I remembered most about my inital meeting 5 months earlier with Lisa and Greg as I traveled to their wedding was that they were admittedly not picture people.

It can be difficult to have a camera focused (no pun intended) on you for 15 hours, which is why being comfortable and trusting every one of your vendors is so important, especially your photographer since they will be with you for most of the day. Many of the photographs you see, especially emotion filled images, (a crying mom hugging her son during their dance could not have been created without a trusting relationship between photographer and couple- in this case, Lisa, Greg and myself.

You would never be able to tell that Lisa and Greg were not “picture people.” They just had a great time. Lisa looked absolutely stunning and is incredibly photogenic. Greg’s focus the entire day was on Lisa. They are inseperable, and are just so happy!

At the end of the night as everyone was boarding the shuttle to head to the hotel for the after party, I followed Lisa and Greg out to their shuttle, and got one of my favorite photos of the night. It’s not a big shiny photograph with all kinds of bells and whistles, in fact it was kind of crappy light. The moment is what counts.

Thank you Lisa and Greg, I wish you all the best, now 2 months into your wedding!

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the green hats and scarves. I am sure you’ve figured out that they got married on 3.17.12- St. Patrick’s Day!
Thanks for looking!