Allison & Dayton | Bank Street Annex

I met with Allison and Dayton in November for their Feburary wedding. They had noted before we met that they were going to bring their (super cute!) two year old daughter to our meeting. They joked (admittedly) about how they sort of did things in reverse- had Quinn, bought a house, and then to secure the longevity of their family are getting married!
Their intimate wedding was the perfect blend of a dash of family, and a handful of friends. They even had a friend who had recently received his licesnse to officate weddings marry the two of them! It was really quite lovely.
When the music finally stopped and everyone was getting ready to head to the after party at a bar down the street, Alison and Dayton stayed behind a little so I could get a few more portraits of them. The last image in this post is coincidentally the very last frame I took their night.  I think it pretty much sums up their day. Just the two of them, happy as can be, heading to have a ball with their friends, not quite ready to end the night.
Alison and Dayton, I wish you both and Quinn the best! Looking forward to seeing you both sometime soon!

I love this- Alison’s first glimpse of Dayton.

Thanks for looking!