Jewel & Brian | Willow Tree Grove

The biggest, brightest smily you will ever see- that is what was plastered all over Jewel’s face for the entire day! Just look at each photo- pure joy, anxiousness and excitement from every part of her just shown on her face for all to see. Brian is her down-to-Earth, sensible, steady counterpart- the ying to her yang,  the lid to her pot the snap to her crackle pop. They are the absolute perfect match for each other!
Comfort is always number one on the wedding day, and the strength of the connection when you meet is the first step to that. Warmness exuded from Brian and Jewel as they welcomed me into their home on an icy January afternoon. I immediately felt a connection with Brian and Jewel as we began to chat that day. Fast forward a couple of months to August when we got together for their engagement session at Brian’s grandfather’s farm. And by the time we had arrived at their wedding in December, I felt like I was showing up to see old friends (if you are a follower of my blog, then you will know how often this ends up happening with my couples and I.) When you spend a year plus getting to know someone, being in constant contact,  getting together, and helping plan the most anticipated day of their lives, it more often becomes a friendship. The best photographs are created when I stop being just a vendor, when my couple realizes that I am just as excited as they are that this day is finally here, that my excitement is sincere- that’s when the best photographs are created.
Their Christmasy wedding was perfect! It even flurried a little when Jewel was walking out to the limo to head to her ceremony- which she had hoped for! The reception that followed at Willow Tree Grove was a wild, super fun party, that no one wanted to end, including myself.
Jewel and Brian- I know this is a little late, but thank you for inviting me so warmly into your lives and allowing me to be there and preserve your wedding for you.

The photographs below at the farm are easily my favorite from their day!