Melanie and Harrison | Iron Lakes | 7.2.11

I had such a wonderful time spending the day with Melanie and Harrison! Their friends and family were all amazing! Family is easily the number one most important aspect of their day for the two of them. Melanie, Harrison and I got together and did a secret engagement session around Drexel in Philadelphia where they met, so we could make engagement albums as a surprise for their parents.
Melanie’s parents were so supportive of their daughter and their love for her is just bursting at the seams. Harrison had a ton of family and friends come in from Kuwait just for the wedding, including his parents! They brought a few traditions to the wedding day which were amazing to witness and capture. It was a day filled with crazy dancing, a lot of laughing and tradition, which made it theirs and special to them. All of this spills right into their love for each other!

Since I couldn’t post the engagement when it first happened, I will post a little of it here before the wedding day! Enjoy!

And now, their wedding day!