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These reviews were taken directly from WeddingWire where I have over 90 reviews from my past couples. I am forever thankful that they took the them to write them. Sometimes they’re quite the novel with paragraphs upon paragraphs! Please browse WeddingWire, The Knot or Google to read more of what my couples have written about me!

From the moment my husband and I met Dan in late spring 2019 it was apparent he was a rarity to find in the industry. Given how intimate the wedding day is our main hope in hiring a wedding photographer was to work with someone that made us feel authentically seen. We heard so many stories from friends who felt awkward being posed in unnatural ways while taking their photographs, so hoped to find someone who understood how to capture our love in ways that reflected our energy. Dan exceeded this expectation.

Dan is remarkably attuned to others which enables him to effortlessly create an environment within which we felt comfortable being ourselves. He brought a beautiful mixture of levity, spontaneity, and structure to our photography sessions, which allowed him to authentically capture all sides of our dynamic. A large part of Dan’s magic is that he truly cares about the nuances of who his clients are as humans, and how that is channeled into their relationship. Dan spent hours getting to know us both individually and as a couple. He also spent time understanding our relationships to our friends and family. Working with him ultimately felt like hanging out with a close friend, which allowed us to feel natural and at ease. During our work with him he provided supportive direction to staging our photographs, but also worked off what came naturally to us. He encouraged us to be our authentic selves and was totally on board when that led us to spontaneously jump into the Love Park fountain 😉 He laughed with us as we stood soaking wet. We had so much FUN working with him.

Another aspect to Dan’s talent is that, while you think you are just taking a “normal” photograph, his mind is working its magic. Dan captured regular moments in incredibly unique ways. When we got our photos back, we were amazed by the ways he used natural elements in our environment such as lighting, puddles on the sidewalk, and angles to create beautifully artistic photos. The fact that he does this in ways that feel so effortless in the moment is such a testament to his talent. Dan’s expertise surpasses photography, he truly understands the nuances of the wedding process. He was pivotal in helping us to create our wedding timeline and provided us with keen guidance on how to best coordinate our wedding details with our other venders. Given how overwhelming making decisions throughout the wedding process can be, we were so grateful to have him as a resource– he truly is the full package and more! Lastly, I want to highlight is how genuine and caring Dan is. Given that we were a COVID wedding couple, we had the privilege of working with Dan for over two years. When we met Dan, he told us he was with us on our wedding journey every step of the way. While he certainly didn’t realize that would involve a pandemic, I can confidently say that he stood true to his promise. Throughout the pandemic he checked in on us “just because.” He made us feel deeply supported throughout the challenges inherent not only in being a COVID wedding couple, but throughout the pandemic at large. Aside from choosing to marry each other, Dan was the absolute best decision we made in the wedding process. I cannot reiterate how remarkable of a person Dan is. I am so grateful that people like him exist in this world. We are so grateful to have found him and can say with the upmost confidence that you can’t go wrong with choosing him for your special day!

“Have you ever had a repeat customer?”, I asked. “You wouldn’t be the first”, he responded.
My awkward conversation with Dan in the Fall of 2019 had been two years in the making. I had been dating my wife, Christine, since 2017 and had proposed in October on a beautiful day at Niagara Falls. Naturally, as any bride would be, she was excited to start planning. We discussed what we would like to do as far as a wedding and the personas that would have to be involved; officiant, DJ, venue, florist, blah, blah, blah, PHOTOGRAPHER. This last one gave me pause. “I know a guy”, I said. “You know a guy? How?”, she asked. I gave her that screwy look any man gives his fiance when he knows she’s not going to like the answer. “No. Hell, no. No, No, No, No, No. Bad juju, dude. You can not have the photographer from your first wedding at OUR wedding. NO!” I thought for a moment. “. . .but he was sooo good!”, I whispered. I had last seen Dan at a wedding in 2012; an auspicious beginning to an ill-fated journey; my own. Dan is a rare talent with endless energy. Guests at the time had remarked that he was something of a ninja; appearing out of nowhere with the camera at just the right time. The photography had been fantastic. Unfortunately, the relationship had not stood the test of time, but my impression of Dan had. “Just meet him. If you don’t like him, we can do something else,” I told Christine. “Fine” was all she said in response. It’s hard to articulate precisely what it is about Dan that makes him as capable as he is. It’s not the raw artistic skill or the technical prowess with his equipment, though he possesses both of those with abundance. Rather, it’s that when you meet him, you get the impression that he views legitimately knowing you as part of his job. He’ll ask you to talk about how you met. He’ll ask you to describe what you love about your partner. He’ll ask you when you decided that this was the person you wanted to spend your life with. Most importantly, he will listen to your answer. I think he had Christine convinced inside of an hour that he was perfect. “I love him”, she said as soon as we got in the car. “I told you so”, I replied. Dan was hired, and worked with us throughout what would be a tumultuous 2020. Obviously, the Covid pandemic was not expected. We were forced to postpone. We were able to do an engagement set over the summer. We held a small ceremony to tie the knot in early 2021 not knowing whether we would ever host our families for the big reception we wanted. We finally were able to have a wonderful gathering in May of 2021, 18 months later. Dan was with us through all of this; often talking Christine off the ledge when it seemed like it would never happen. I think one of the things that ultimately convinced Christine that he was the guy for the job was his ability to reassure her that he was there for her, that the full breadth of his skills and experience in the industry were available to her, and that he truly had the desire to make the wedding as memorable as possible. He absolutely lived up to it from beginning to end.

STOP LOOKING FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS. Seriously, stop. You have found the person you want to photograph your wedding. My husband Andrew and I choose Dan as our photographer back in 2019, and since then it has been quite the journey. Unfortunately, because of covid, we had to reschedule our wedding 3 times. In such an uncertain confusing time Dan was nothing but understanding and incredibly flexible. Andrew and I decided to have a small ceremony in our back yard on our original date with family. When calling Dan to deliver the sad news and tell him of the downsized ceremony without skipping a beat Dan said, “great, what time, I’ll be there.” We were never excepting to have him come, it truthfully didn’t even cross our minds to ask, but he was there. Then came to all the rescheduling, and rescheduling, and rescheduling. Each new date Dan was incredibly accommodating and worked with us to make things fall into place. When we met Dan he told us he wasn’t just there for the wedding but the journey, and was he right. We finally got to have our day on September 25, 2021. When I tell you that this man is more then just a photographer I am not kidding. I wasn’t shocked at all when one of my bridesmaids came to let me know Dan was steaming my dress for photos. Dan’s personality is infectious and that comes across in the photos, he was hyping us up all day! I should also mention this mans timing and ability to stick to a schedule is mind blowing. With a few hiccups with transportation our schedule was a little off and Dan some how got every single shot we wanted that day and got us to cocktail hour right on time. All of this while staying calm, never alerting Andrew or I about how tight we actually were on time. The rest of the night this man some how managed to catch loose babies running through the dance floor, bust the occasional move, and even lay down a few bars. My wedding day was the best day of my life thus far, and Dan was a very large part of it . Besides being an amazing photographer he’s just an all around great human. He is very clearly someone who has such passion for what he does. I am so overwhelming happy we choose Dan way back in 2019. We will have photos for a lifetime as well as gained a pretty awesome guy as a friend. If you are reading this review because you are on the fence, seriously stop looking you want Dan there on your big day I promise you.

My husband and I had to postpone our Austin wedding due to COVID. We decided to still get married and have an intimate ceremony in my hometown of Philadelphia. I was hesitant to even hire a professional photographer at this mini-wedding but I’m so, so, so happy we got Dan. He beautifully captured the most amazing day of my life, and a lot of that amazingness is thanks to him. Dan was pretty much our only professional vendor at this intimate ceremony and we would have been lost without him. He literally did everything. He taught my mom how to attach my veil, he fixed my bouquet, he tied my husband’s bowtie, he fixed our broken speaker system, and the list goes on. More than that, he was SUCH A BRIGHT SPOT in a difficult situation (i.e. dealing with COVID and the loss of our original wedding plans). He spent so much time learning about our relationship so that he could capture the specialness of the small ceremony, our emotions, and the way we see each other. He nailed it. You would have thought he’s known our families forever based on the way he captured everyone. I cannot say enough wonderful things about him and will cherish his photos for a lifetime. Two of my best friends have hired him for their weddings as well – he is so talented and such a wonderful person to work with!

When planning our wedding, we knew that we wanted an incredible wedding photographer who could capture the most intimate, amazing moments of our lives through our eyes. After talking with Dan, there was no doubt that he was the guy for us. When first talking to him, he got down to the really gritty details of what makes us as a couple and who made us the people we are today together by asking targeted questions to evoke those emotions and get an overall picture of our relationship and our families. This is what makes Dan truly unique from other photographers, and what makes Dan the amazing photographer and person he is. He truly cares about you as a couple, and capturing your moments together and with those family members who also mean the most to you. Dan took the time to get to know us by going to dinner with us, and it felt like catching up with an old friend – he is honestly one of the most genuine, fun, and kind people we’ve ever met. We also got to hangout with him more at our Forever Session, which is about you as a couple instead of an engagement session. I loved this because Dan didn’t focus on the materialistic aspect of engagements (i.e. the ring), and instead focused on what really matters, you as a couple and the beautiful relationship you’ve built. Dan captured this perfectly while also making it so much fun and giving us the freedom to wander around and find unplanned opportunities for photos. We currently have 3 photos of Dan’s from our Forever Session hanging in our apartment because they are that good! The quality of the canvases and photos that he orders are also out of this world and the best quality I have ever seen. During these uncertain times of a pandemic, it is also important to recognize people and businesses who have the utmost values at their core, and Dan is one of those people. He truly cares about you, and does not view you as a customer, but rather a friend. Our wedding went from being 250 people to an intimate 10 person ceremony, and the whole time Dan told us he was along for the ride with whatever we decided. He came to our intimate ceremony and went above and beyond as a photographer by helping us arrange the set up, find great photo opportunities, take photos where everyone felt comfortable regarding social distancing, he even worked behind the camera to make our 1 year old niece laugh for his pictures, and even helped me take in and out my veil (which was complicated, but Dan knew exactly what to do!). Dan’s work is brilliant and his personality is contagious. My mother-in-law even stated that she wants to use Dan for everything from now on. Since our wedding drastically changed, Dan worked with us. We wanted him to keep the money we originally paid for our wedding because we adore him and his work so much, and we wanted to support him whatever way we could. He is working with us to allow us to use the remaining credit we have towards future photos/photo albums, family portraits, etc. He has been the most supportive, flexible, and honest/upfront vendor during a time of uncertainty for both businesses and couples. He exceeded our expectations as a photographer, and I am still blown away at the kindness he showed on our wedding day. We were so thankful for his truly amazing work, and the kindness and respect that he treated us with as people. He went above and beyond to make sure that both parties in the contract were happy, which sadly, is a rare thing for businesses during this time. If you are looking for an incredible photographer and someone who truly cares about you, look no further! Dan exceeds all expectations! Thank you Dan for making these difficult times a little easier and for going above and beyond to make our day exceptional!

This review is probably going to sound like a fake paid ad, but we’ve got witnesses! 200 of em! Bottom Line: Dan is magical. He is the absolute best wedding vendor we invested in out of MANY. And there is no one that comes to mind more than Dan when we look back on who we would recommend to others for their special day. Dan and his incredible assistant Lauren Lenko were a DREAM TEAM of energy and love our entire wedding day with our ceremony at the Museum of the American Revolution and reception at the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. Dan and Lauren were incredibly energetic, warm, organized but not invasive, and flat out *FUN* with us and with our many guests, wedding party, and family members. It felt like they had been a part of all of our family and friend groups for years (which, ok cheating a little here: Dan photographed my brother’s wedding 8 years ago! But I knew even back then as a bridesmaid that I would want to have Dan photograph my wedding some day! The memories you make with Dan have serious staying power). Now on to the photos themselves: My husband’s “getting ready” photos make us laugh and smile, especially the impromptu groomsmen beer run right before the ceremony (thank you Lauren for those!), and mine include some seriously tear-inducing and very personal moments that Dan captured for me, including photos honoring my Grammy, photos with all my Mommies and my best friends, and my heartwrenchingly beautiful first look with my Dad. Our completely stunning and emotional ceremony photos make us cry EVERY. TIME. Like, literal weeping from both of us. Our family & couple portraits are perfect, and Dan handled our massive families and fairly tight schedule with such ease (Dan’s pre-wedding organization and spectacular professional judgment were so clutch here. From his forms, phone calls, emails, and timeline drafts and we knew we had NOTHING to worry about for the Big Day, and he coordinated seamlessly with our other vendors!). Our wedding party photos capture “our people” to a tee. And our stunning reception photos make every moment of our celebration come to life, from everyone’s amazing intros, to our first dance, parent/special dances, speeches, toasts, and every dance move we could muster!! We are looking forward to an album consultation with Dan to round out our full wedding experience, but honestly, we just want to hang out and catch up with him because he is truly such a wonderful person with a huge heart. My heart aches with emotion for couples considering Dan as their photographer knowing how incredibly special and perfect his combined professionalism and friendship will become in their big day and in their lives. Dan is a permanent staple in ours, and we can’t thank him and Lauren enough for everything they gave us.

We first met Dan in October of 2011 at Greg’s brother’s wedding. There happened to be a freak snowstorm which caused it to be postponed until the following day. Dan stayed the whole time and basically had the entire weekend on his camera. He was so much fun and all of the pictures from that day were absolutely amazing.
When Greg and I first got engaged we had no clue where to begin with the wedding planning. The only thing we did know was that we needed Dan as our photographer. When we found a hall and called Dan to see if he was available, we were relieved that we didn’t need to change our wedding date. We had an engagement photo session in October of 2016 and this was where we really got to know Dan. We were able to be ourselves around him and we both felt very comfortable with him. We had so much fun and the pictures came out so great!!! On the day of the wedding this past December, he made everything so easy. At the hair salon when Dan first came in and starting talking to us, the hair stylist thought he was a family member. The rest of the day was perfect and we didn’t have to stress about pictures because we knew Dan had it covered. Dan takes time to get to know the couples that he works with. He also gets to know their families. He isn’t some guy that just shows up on the day of your wedding and takes pictures. He is much more than a photographer to us! You know how people say “pictures don’t do it justice”? This statement isn’t true about Dan’s photos. When you look at Dan’s pictures you get such a rush of emotion just by looking at them. It actually feels as if you’re there and can tell how those photographed are feeling. If you want an awesome wedding photographer who is fun, personable, and takes insane pictures, then Dan is your man! There are not enough stars to give this guy. I can’t stop looking at our wedding photos because they are so amazing!!! We love you Dan!

I’ll try to keep this from sounding like a love letter, but Dan was absolutely, hands-down our favorite vendor! I’ve never met anyone so enthusiastic and thoughtful; it was such a treat to have him be part of our wedding day and engagement.
Dan made us feel at ease from the start. Our engagement shoot was unbelievably comfortable, and more like a great date that ended in making a wonderful new friend! Receiving our pictures was even more reassuring. Wedding planning is stressful and you doubt your choices, even (especially?) small ones like table numbers and envelope color. When those stresses inevitably piled up, I would go to our engagement photos to remind myself we had made at least one really great decision; we must be doing something right! That comfort was so valuable to have throughout the craziness of wedding planning. We also got a go-to wedding expert in Dan. He was available to help whenever we needed and gave us his full attention. One time we called to ask a question and he happened to be driving; he literally pulled over so he could look at our timeline and work out a solution with us. He treated our problems like they were his problems and all his suggestions worked out incredibly well. On the wedding day he greeted me with a huge hug and was just as excited as I was! Looking back we were amazed by the intimate moments he captured since he was never intrusive. Our photos show touching moments rather than stiff poses, and the photos reflect the joy and fun of the day. Dan did an excellent job capturing the emotions and relationships that meant so much to us. Weddings have a lot of pretty details, but it’s not pictures of centerpieces or escort cards that you’ll pass down to your grandkids someday. It’s the pictures of you crying as you say your vows, embracing in your first quiet moments together as husband and wife, and hugging your favorite people that will mean the most. We can’t recommend Dan enough.

Where do I even begin raving about Dan?! I found Dan when one of his photos was tagged on my venue’s Instagram page. The lighting was so perfect even though the photo was in black and white. I emailed him that instant and even though he was on his family vacation, he got back to me right away. Dan takes so much care and time with his clients to get to know them, individually and as a couple to be able to capture how they feel about one another. After my first phone call with Dan, I knew he would have to be our photographer! Not only are his photos stunning, but he (as my husband and I always say) truly loves love! And his art of capturing those little moments that you want to remember forever is above even the highest standards. Working with Dan throughout our engagement (our Forever Session photos are beyond gorgeous – magazine worthy!) never ceased to disappoint when it came to response time, quality or affordability! If I could be Dan’s marketing manager, I would, because I 1000000% believe in his work and his genuineness for love, photography and his clients! Thank you, Dan, for being the best “vendor” we could have chosen to capture the best day of our lives!!! We love you!

I’m not even quite sure where to begin – but all I can say is that Dan deserves every single word of praise that comes his way. He has such a gift, and was 100% born to be doing this job. I was really anxious about having to select a photographer for our wedding, and all of those feelings went to the wayside after I had one initial phone call with Dan. That’s all it took, because Dan took the time to ask so many thoughtful questions and genuinely understand what the important moments were going to be on our wedding day. Anybody could guess what those “important” moments would be (reciting our vows, our first dance, etc.), but Dan took the time to truly know and appreciate the dynamics of our personal relationship, as well as those that we have with our families, and it made for some pictures that captured moments far more important than we could have ever imagined. Dan’s photography was by far the best money that we spent on our wedding day – his work is truly invaluable, and I know that we’ll cherish his pictures and thoughtfulness for years to come!

I knew that I was going to have the most beautiful wedding photos from Daniel during our initial conversation when Daniel told me that I should research lots of photographers before choosing one for our big day. This was the first genuine conversation I had with a vendor during the wedding planning process. He told me these pictures would always be meaningful to us and wanted us to make sure that his style was exactly what we envisioned for our big day. I took some time and researched other photographers, but came back to Daniel. After we booked him, he took me and my (now) husband out to dinner to talk about our relationship and what we envisioned for our big day. The day before the wedding, Daniel called us and gave us a pep talk and tips on how to savor the fleeting moments of our big day. The morning of our wedding, seeing Daniel was like seeing an old friend- I was at ease with him around and that made him capturing the genuine intimate moments of our day so natural. We had so much fun shooting our photos- he and lauren kept us laughing and focused on what mattered throughout the day. Our friends and family kept asking if our photographer was a long time friend because he was out on the dance floor twirling and shooting some of the most genuine moments with our guest from our wedding reception. The whole experience was extremely personal and I am forever grateful that we chose Daniel to shoot our big day. And the pictures speak for themselves. Check out his website and blog to see how beautiful his work is- my words cannot do his work justice.

Let's Talk Dollars.

Straightforward Wedding Photography Pricing


All of my couples create their own wedding package.

Coverage begins at $3800 and always includes:

  • at least 8 hours of continuous coverage,
  • a personal and shareable online gallery,
  • the professional resolution digital files,
  • and the social media sized files.

Popular add-ons include a Albums, an Additional Photographer, Social Booth, the Forever Session, and additional hours.


In the reviews above, you'll notice several couples mention how special their Forever Session was.

I took the “engagement session” as the wedding industry knows it and redesigned it. If the wedding is about you your friends and family coming together under one roof to celebrate your future, then the Forever Session is to celebrate everything that’s brought you to today.


Right now is baseline happiness. And as life tries to derail you two one day, you’ll have artwork from right now so you see “I Love You” displayed on your wall everyday, forever.

The Forever Session starts at just $250

You've got questions. I've got answers.

Yay! That’s an easy one! Go to the contact page and fill out the contact form to get the ball rolling! We’ll set up a meeting to see if we’re a good fit and go from there!

The short answer is that I love seeing my couples at their best.

Being on this side of marriage, and this side of photographing hundreds of weddings, I’ve discovered when I know my couples and whats’ truly important to them, then I can elevate their experience and create something truly meaningful. That’s best feeling for me.

Great relationships are built on comfort and trust. Emails and questionnaires are great to gather information but it’s time in-person (whether that’s over video chat or grabbing a cup of coffee) that makes the most difference.

Outside the context of a photography session, I love to get together in-person to just catch up and get to know each other!

One the guest list of individuals who you’re inviting to your wedding, I am the lowest person on the list meaning that you shouldn’t be spending the most time with me on your wedding day! So while I love to be creative and create awesome portraits of the two of you, I don’t believe that the wedding day is a giant staged photoshoot.

The more time you get to spend with your friends and family the better because I’ll be photographing all of that as it naturally unfolds like a photojournalist. Or maybe family historian or photo-biographer are better terms!

One thing I know for sure is that as time goes on, my past couples tell me what their favorite photos are. Turns out it’s always real moments when they were lost in their own little world loving on each other or when they were laughing, crying, cheering, and toasting the people who were there to support them.

No worries! I have so many couples who live elsewhere and travel back to their home of Philadelphia to get married. Surely we may not get to meet “in person” before your wedding but we’ll definitely catch up on Zoom and do a “Zoom Happy Hour” or six.

Absolutely! No wedding collection would be complete without them. They are such an important part of your wedding day collection because sadly no one in your family will be around forever. These photos will hold a special place in preserving your loved ones for yourself and future generations.

We’ll work together during our final planning meeting to create a list so there’s no guessing and the family formals can be created as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When you look through one wedding gallery that I’ve created, you’ll see its pretty comprehensive from details to family photos, many, many guests, and all parts of the day. At our final planning meeting before your wedding, we’ll get together and create a list of special details, groups, and family formals that you want. That’s the only list I need!

I work with a second photographer often especially as some weddings can be larger and more complex. It’s always one of two of the same people.

There’s a few things to consider. One is the obvious benefit that both of your “getting ready” is covered (since I haven’t figured out how to clone myself yet to be in two places at once.) Two is that you’ll receive more photos from multiple angles.

The not so obvious benefit is that it allows me to be more creative. Sometimes I will risk the “safe shots” on a wedding day so I can try to create something extraordinary that you’ll absolutely love. When my additional photographer is along, they’re always getting the safe photos. They have my back so to speak so I know the bases are covered and I can take some risk to surprise and delight you!

Yes and No. I’m fortunate to have traveled to a bunch of US states for weddings as well as internationally to Germany, Mexico, Curacao, Spain, and Jamaica. That was mostly before the days of having children. My family is incredibly important to me especially watching my kids grow up. I am highly selective about the destination weddings I accept. I do accept destination weddings and have a very streamlined simple process for them – including an all-inclusive photography package!

I will take a lot, like A LOT of photographs on your wedding day and with your trust, I loosely edit them down to the 800-1000 that best represent your wedding day. (There will be less photos with micro-weddings or weddings that I’m photographing solo.) Then, I go through every single image and adjust the color, density, soften skin, and remove blemishes and any distractions, so the final images you see are just right.