Dan is remarkably attuned to others which enables him to effortlessly create an environment within which we felt comfortable being ourselves.

- Jen & Nate | July 18, 2021


The most important thing I’ve learned over the last decade of photographing weddings is the more I know my couples the more meaningful their photographs are. I arrive on your wedding day know I’m creating great photographs rather than hoping I am.

One package to rule them all.

Let's keep this super simple. There's a million decisions to make while wedding planning. With me, you only have to make one. See, your to-do list is already shrinking.


One simple package that includes:

  • Full day of continuous wedding coverage
  • Two photographers (Me + an additional photographer)
  • Professional resolution, fully retouched, print ready digital files
  • Shareable online gallery


  • Additional Hours
  • Wedding Album
  • Parent Albums
  • Social Booth
  • Forever Session
  • Dad Jokes*

*Only kidding. That’s free!

Want to feel this comfortable in front of camera?

yep - I got you!

You've got questions. I've got answers.

Yay! That’s an easy one! Go to the contact page and fill out the contact form to get the ball rolling! We’ll set up a meeting to see if we’re a good fit and go from there!

The short answer is that I love seeing my couples at their best.

Being on this side of marriage, and this side of photographing hundreds of weddings, I’ve discovered when I know my couples and whats’ truly important to them, then I can elevate their experience and create something truly meaningful. That’s best feeling for me.

Great relationships are built on comfort and trust. Emails and questionnaires are great to gather information but it’s time in-person (whether that’s over video chat or grabbing a cup of coffee) that makes the most difference.

Outside the context of a photography session, I love to get together in-person to just catch up and get to know each other!

One the guest list of individuals who you’re inviting to your wedding, I am the lowest person on the list meaning that you shouldn’t be spending the most time with me on your wedding day! So while I love to be creative and create awesome portraits of the two of you, I don’t believe that the wedding day is a giant staged photoshoot.

The more time you get to spend with your friends and family the better because I’ll be photographing all of that as it naturally unfolds like a photojournalist. Or maybe family historian or photo-biographer are better terms!

One thing I know for sure is that as time goes on, my past couples tell me what their favorite photos are. Turns out it’s always real moments when they were lost in their own little world loving on each other or when they were laughing, crying, cheering, and toasting the people who were there to support them.

No worries! I have so many couples who live elsewhere and travel back to their home of Philadelphia to get married. Surely we may not get to meet “in person” before your wedding but we’ll definitely catch up on Zoom and do a “Zoom Happy Hour” or six.

Absolutely! No wedding collection would be complete without them. They are such an important part of your wedding day collection because sadly no one in your family will be around forever. These photos will hold a special place in preserving your loved ones for yourself and future generations.

We’ll work together during our final planning meeting to create a list so there’s no guessing and the family formals can be created as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When you look through one wedding gallery that I’ve created, you’ll see its pretty comprehensive from details to family photos, many, many guests, and all parts of the day. At our final planning meeting before your wedding, we’ll get together and create a list of special details, groups, and family formals that you want. That’s the only list I need!

I work with a second photographer often especially as some weddings can be larger and more complex. It’s always one of two of the same people.

There’s a few things to consider. One is the obvious benefit that both of your “getting ready” is covered (since I haven’t figured out how to clone myself yet to be in two places at once.) Two is that you’ll receive more photos from multiple angles.

The not so obvious benefit is that it allows me to be more creative. Sometimes I will risk the “safe shots” on a wedding day so I can try to create something extraordinary that you’ll absolutely love. When my additional photographer is along, they’re always getting the safe photos. They have my back so to speak so I know the bases are covered and I can take some risk to surprise and delight you!

Yes and No. I’m fortunate to have traveled to a bunch of US states for weddings as well as internationally to Germany, Mexico, Curacao, Spain, and Jamaica. That was mostly before the days of having children. My family is incredibly important to me especially watching my kids grow up. I am highly selective about the destination weddings I accept. I do accept destination weddings and have a very streamlined simple process for them – including an all-inclusive photography package!

I will take a lot, like A LOT of photographs on your wedding day and with your trust, I loosely edit them down to the 800-1000 that best represent your wedding day. (There will be less photos with micro-weddings or weddings that I’m photographing solo.) Then, I go through every single image and adjust the color, density, soften skin, and remove blemishes and any distractions, so the final images you see are just right.