Adriana & Gabe | Riveria Maya, Mexico

There’s a playfulness to Adriana & Gabe’s relationship that’s inspiring to be around. There’s a simple connection between them that could be easy to miss if you’re just hanging out with them. It’s not loud and showy but rather these little touches, gestures, and snuggles that linger a little longer before needing to let go. […]

Melissa & Alan | Linden Place in Bristol, RI

Melissa & I go way back to early high school where we’d spend days hanging out in groups of friends going to shows and driving around singing at the top of our lungs. We kept in touch over the years on social media and would run into each other occasionally at friends houses. Naturally, when her […]

Lisa & Gabe | Owl’s Hoot Barn

Lisa & Gabe’s wedding was a marathon wedding – nearly 20 hours long for me and Ben – that was filled with some of the most emotional moments I’ve ever seen. Owl’s Hoot Barn is this amazing little property tucked away up in Coxsackie, NY – about three and a half hours from Philadelphia. Open […]

Lauren & Sean | Gramercy Park Hotel

I have not laughed so hard at a wedding, ever. Lauren and Sean are hilarious to be around!  Lauren is snarky (I mean look at her getting ready shirt!) but oh so sweet and Sean is such a ham and has a comeback ready at anytime! Their energy is contagious! I arrived the night before […]

Tamara & Eric | Madrid

Tamara, Eric and I have gotten pretty close over the past year and a half, and by the time I am done photographing all their weddings (their Madrid wedding and their Chicago wedding), we’re going to be best friends! Well, we are best friends already but we’re going to be even more! Tamara & Eric […]

Katie & Mike | Sunscape Curaçao

Katie & Mike are untraditional in many ways; they had a destination wedding at the Sunscape Curacao, they went to an island that’s off the beaten path (when they first told me their destination wedding was going to be in Curacao, my first though was, where is that?), and instead of a formal day-after session, […]