Custom Wall Art Photography Collections

Daniel Moyer, Philadelphia photographer,  captures natural expressions, and subtle familiar gestures that celebrate your everyday story. Whether you’re just starting your lives together, bringing new life into the world or are 40 years deep, your story is yours. It’s in the your 2 year old wrapping her whole hand around your one finger or seeing the photo of your husband 30 years from now and being able to tell your children, “yea, dad still does look at me like that.” What good are these photos if they live on your phone or a cold USB storage drive tossed into a desk drawer to be corrupted and forgotten? That’s why I focus on creating custom wall art, hand crafted from the most beautiful materials, so you can see “I love you” displayed on your wall every single day. I offer a different photographic experience. I am here through the entire process, from the first phone call, to your photographic session through to your design consultation. Whether it’s wall art, albums, portrait boxes or one of my crystal sets, we’ll work together to create heirlooms for you that you and your family will love forever.

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The Allabaster 2

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The Allabaster

The Allabaster is my absolute favorite wall art collection that I offer. It features 5 photographs in a storyboard format capable of display horizontal or vertical which makes it fit just about anywhere!

Suggested locations: Above a crib, tight space, kids bedroom, anywhere!