Let’s Do This!

Your wedding is about the two of you! And I just want to know a little about you- what’s most important to you, what plans you’ve made for your wedding already, where your ceremony and reception are (if you have gotten that far), the dreams you have for your special day, perhaps a favorite image you saw on my website – really anything that you would like to share to help us start off on the right foot.

In all seriousness though, I appreciate how important this decision is for you. The relationship you have with your photographer is a big deal. Comfort and trust should be the base of that relationship because you’ll be spending your entire day with them! It’s important to get off on the right foot and be comfortable with whomever you choose- and I hope that’s me!

So, to get started, just fill out the contact form below and we can go from there! Or I’d love to chat on the phone (I can be pretty chatty, but a good listener, too!), just to start the conversation and see if we connect!

Looking forward to connecting with you!