Amanda & Mark’s Testimonial

August 26, 2015
Mark and I just got home from Alaska tonight, and the first thing we did was look at our pictures…we are BLOWN AWAY!  I really don’t know what else to say- they are beautiful and really tell the story of the day better than we could have ever imagined – thank you so much!!!
We did a lot of reflecting on the wedding while we were away and one thing that we both kept saying over and over again was how happy we were to have you as our photographer!  You were so wonderful to work with, and your positive attitude really helped to keep our spirits high when we were dealing with some very challenging circumstances (aka Hurricane Irene).  If the offer still stands to do another shoot with you, we would both LOVE the opportunity to work with you again!  And we would cetainly recommend you to any couple!
I will be in touch again soon when I’m not quite so tired…
Thanks again!


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